Thoughts on Episode 11~

Rima: She was whatever in this episode.

Ashley: Also whatever

Falen: ^Same

Julie: ^Same, but if the fight was just between her and Andrea, she would’ve gotten her ass beat! Andrea’s hands were both held down and she still swung on Julie! And if Zuly was all over me, like she was to Julie, you better believe I would’ve been all over her!

Zuly: I love her but she needs to stop being so god damn thirsty! And she should have stopped the fight when the originals jumped Andrea. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t wanna get involved in the drama, that’s still your friend and she’s getting jumped.

Andrea: Loved her! Real bad girl! It’s to bad that she was jumped and nobody wanted to fight her one-on-one, that would’ve been a good ass fight.

Natasha: Weak! I’m thinking this bitch is gonna be real and a fighter, but nope. Started crying on the second day because Julie and Falen were arguing with her. (Falen voice): Gurl, bye!

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